Webinar Funnels

Discover how others achieved real results with Hirsh Marketing

Webinar Funnels

Discover how others achieved real results with Hirsh Marketing

Haley Burkhead

Get all the details on Haley's webinar that resulted in over $150k in book sales!

Brett Allen

Check out how our team impacted Brett's visibility and made massive improvements and winning outcomes for his business.

Jeanne Petrucci

Find out how Jeanne took advantage of lookalike audiences and successfully garnered 2.7x ROAS on her webinar!

Camille Attell

Take a peek at this excellent example of utilizing your warm audience and creating a cash infusion in your business.

Hannah Cole

Learn how Hannah is seeing her leads nurtured and profits increase without even changing her webinar (just the wrapping paper of it)!


Check out how the Hirsh team was able to bring an increase in 2.3x revenue and allow more people to access and benefit from her program.

Hannah Freese

Access Hannah's secret brand building strategies we used to produce a ROAS of 5.75x and help Hannah's business to achieve its revenue goals.

Denise Bond

 Learn how we helped Denise generate not only record setting numbers but genuinely transformative results for her business. 

Radon Stancil

Learn how Radon brought his wealth management business into the digital era and began generating 15 booked calls a month!

J.M. Preston

If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t find success working with an agency because you have no prior experience with Facebook ads, think again!

Speaker Nation

High ticket sales, and webinar funnels, and four figure ROAs - oh my! Get the full behind-the-scenes details into the amazing launch our team supported for Speaker Nation.

Michael Poon and Ruby Lee

Find out how a live webinar strategy completely turned around Michael and Ruby's ROI on their online course purchases!

Doug and Haley Johnson

Learn how Doug and Haley got the best return on ad spend by honing in on the funnel strategy that worked for their audience.

Lindsay Padilla

Learn how this teacher went from DIY paid ads to PhD level marketing that allowed her to pass her sales goal in the first launch.

Anissa Holmes

Access Anissa's secret brand building strategies we used to grow her business, give her time back, and avoid overwhelm.

Annie Grace

Hirsh wasn't Annie's first agency experience, but after 23x ROI... we will be the last. See how we revamped her tracking to get record results.

Credit Repair Cloud

 Daniel and Keenan took their business sky high with our audience targeting tactics. Uncover how you can use them for your own marketing.

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