Annie Grace


The Before:

Annie is a bestselling author and her book and program focus on ending the conflict between your conscious desire to drink less, and your unconscious belief that alcohol is beneficial. She has been featured in NPR, The Huffington Post, Forbes and several other publications. 

Annie came to us right around her launch time for her new program. Our team had to turn around assets and strategy fast for this launch to be a success but we were excited to do it, especially because we were excited to be a small part of the impact Annie and her work makes in supporting people to drink less. 

Up until this point Annie had hired another agency to run her ads but was having a lot of issues with getting accurate reporting. This was uncovered in the initial conversations we had with Annie about taking over her ads and we were adamant about implementing our unique reporting process in her account to get accurate data and be able to make decisions based off of it.

The Details:

PHASE 1: A webinar campaign that we ran traffic to for 8 days to get registrants before the live webinar. We targeted both warm and cold traffic to this webinar campaign and had an initial goal of leads and cost per lead we were trying to hit. We created projections and goals for the launch based on historical data and our goal was to get webinar registrants for under $5, we succeeded doing that and ended up with a cost per registration of $3.65. 




PHASE 2: Sales and retargeting campaigns that we ran for 13 days after the webinar which was the enrollment period for this new course. The course was priced at $497.  

We retargeted all of Annie’s warm audience and anyone who had registered for the webinar with intentional sales ads. We had specific sales ads for various groups such as people who had watched the webinar, attended the webinar or visited the sales page and as the promotion window got closer to the end we really pushed the urgency that this course would not be offered at this price again. This connected with Annie’s audience to have segmented retargeted ads as well as pushed them to make a decision if they were on the fence by utilizing strategic urgency.

As you can see from the numbers below, we got a lot of purchases from Annie’s warm traffic that did not even sign up for the webinar but were in one of her warm audience buckets and were interested in her program and taking advantage of the amazing offer of a new course for a price that would never be offered again.



The Results:

  • 1,983 webinar registrants at $3.65 per lead
  • 261 sales at $62.21 per purchase (course price $497)
  • Total Ad Spend: $9,995.28
  • ​Total Revenue: $236,817
  • ​ROI 2369% or 23X
Our launch was incredible. I don’t even know how you work so fast and so effectively. When we started working together, I hoped to put 50 people in this initial launch of this program. And with Emily’s help, we put 353 people in the program – Over $316,000 in revenue.

You’ve taken the most stressful part of my business last year and turned it into the least stressful part of my business. Your team just handles everything and I feel like I am always in really good hands.

Annie Grace
This Naked Mind, Online Coaching Program


Using Past Data To Get Webinar Registrants At A Lower Cost

During this launch we got webinar registrants at the lowest cost Annie had paid to date with her advertising. One of the ways we did this is strategically used lookalike audiences with all of the data Annie had. 

Annie had already been featured on major publications, her website had a lot of traffic that was sent to it and her email list was a decent size. We utilized all of these pieces of data to create lookalike audiences Annie had never targeted before and it worked really well. 

Retargeted Sales Ads

As you can see from the numbers, our retargeted sales ads performed really well and even converted for people who hadn’t signed up for the webinar but were in Annie’s warm audience. This offer had a really great angle because it was a new course that Annie hadn’t offered before and she was not planning on offering it at this price ever again. 

We used this language and this angle strategically in our sales ads and encouraged Annie’s team to do the same with their sales emails and this worked really well in getting an amazing cost per purchase with our ads.

Proper Tracking

One of the biggest constraints Annie had coming in to work with us is the past agency they used were reporting wrong data. They were reporting Facebook data only and not cross checking to make sure the leads matched up with what she saw in her Clickfunnels account. This resulted in an over reporting of leads and a misrepresentation of the actual cost per lead she was paying. 

Part of our Hirsh Process is to have a way to confirm a client's data with their backend software. We typically do this through separate tags or funnels set up for ads or UTM codes. It’s part of our process to never start an ad without this in place and we support clients in getting it set up as a part of our on-boarding. We implemented this for Annie immediately so we had accurate data throughout the entire launch and this allowed us to make better spending decisions. 

This also allowed Annie to go on and confidently increase her spend as we turned this funnel into an automated webinar. Coming in to working with us we had a budget limited to $10k for the launch because we weren’t fully confident what the past data actually was. After this launch we were able to take the data and numbers we got and make strategic decisions moving forward.


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