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The Before:

High ticket sales, and webinar funnels, and four figure ROAs - oh my! Stick with me for the full behind-the-scenes details into the amazing launch our team supported our client, Speaker Nation with in July, 2020.
We first began working with Speaker Nation in March, 2020, when they were still a relatively new business. They provide education, career development, coaching and speaking clubs for aspiring and professional public speakers. One thing that really sets Eric Edmeades, the voice of Speaker Nation, apart from others is that he has this unique ability to captivate an audience and not only make them remember his lessons, but keep them wanting even more.
Prior to working with our team, they had never run ads and their ad account was brand new. This meant that their audience was extremely small, with their warm audience being almost nonexistent.
We had supported them in a previous launch before the one we are highlighting here in this case study where they sold a course to help people master their public speaking. This launch was a bit of a struggle since we were essentially trying to sell a high ticket offer to a very cold audience in the beginning. Luckily, after that first initial launch, we were able to grow their list and nurture their warm audience so that when it came time for this new launch, we were able to explode their return on ad spend - but more on that in a bit!

Speaker Nation hit a staggering $53,919 in revenue!

The Details:

Speaker Nation had recently created a brand new $1,997 course called Course Creation Bootcamp which teaches other business owners/influencers how to create their own course and sell it online. This is where our strategy focused our efforts into. We set an initial sales goal of 20 sales - which we absolutely crushed!

The Strategy:

Our historical data showed that webinars had performed extremely well for Speaker Nation in the past, so this is what we decided to implement this time around as well. The goal was to grow their list and position Eric and the Speaker Nation team as experts in their field so that we could then sell their $1,997 course, Course Creation Bootcamp,
We targeted a mixture of cold, warm, and lookalike audiences that were very specific to people who were interested in business and creating online products/courses. For the bootcamp, we targeted only people who watched the masterclass, roughly 2,000 people.
We also offered a fast action bonus for people who purchased the bootcamp within the first 48 hours to build a sense of urgency that encouraged people to buy as soon as possible.
One thing that really made this launch successful was that Eric created videos that directly addressed his audience’s biggest objections to buying his course by answering their frequently asked questions and concerns, which performed far better than their usual images/graphics.
We ended up exceeding our sales goal, making 27 sales total. This launch began in June and had a return on ad spend of 781% by the end of the month, but by the end of July we were able to dial this all the way up to 1,271%!

Lead Gen Event Registration

Lead Gen Event Registration

Lead Gen Event Registration

Lead Gen Event Registration

The Results:

  • Sales results - 27 sales, $53,919 in revenue
  • ROAs - 1,271%


Position your offer as a natural step up

One thing about this launch that made it so successful is that Speaker Nation’s offer was just so good that it was a complete no brainer for their audience to purchase it. Their masterclass was so in-line with their bootcamp offer that it seemed like an introductory course that left them wanting even more. It just felt natural for their audience to graduate from that and then move into their actual course.

Dispel objections before they have time to take root

The videos Eric made tackling any objections to his offer that his audience had head on was a major catalyst for this launch’s success. He didn’t leave any room for them to think about whether they want to do it or if it’s a good idea - he let them know straight away the only logical course of action was for them to purchase his course.

Make sure your audiences are on point

We were extremely specific with the audiences we chose to target for this launch, which helped ensure that we were attracting only high quality leads who were interested in the masterclass and bootcamp. We didn’t just target generic lookalike audiences, we targeted those that engaged with our posts, ads, DM’s, so that we could narrow our targeting down to only our most engaged audiences. While it’s nice to get a low cost per registration, if those people are not truly interested in your business then it will simply be a waste of your budget.

Hit their pain points in your headlines

We called out some of their audience’s biggest pain points in our headlines, which made a huge impact on the performance of these ads. For example, the headline for one of our ads for the Course Creation Bootcamp was “Scale Your Business Without Scaling Your Time.” This hits on the fact that Speaker Nation’s audience aches to grow their business and hates to waste their time.


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