Self Liquidating Offers

Discover how others achieved real results with Hirsh Marketing

Jereshia Hawk

Keep reading to see where Jereshia's SLO funnel performance ended up in December of 2020 with the help of our team!

Gemma Bonham

Learn more about how we turned Gemma's unsuccessful funnel into one that had a SLO that paid for the ad spend!

Peng Joon

See how Peng worked to understand his target audience better in order to create a non-cookie-cutter marketing campaign with big ROI's!

Bob Heilig

Learn the steps Bob took to go from zero marketing strategy to never having to worry about ad costs again.

Kathrin Zenkina

Discover the right way to increase sales by layering multiple offers into your customer journey, and paying for your ad spend before you even launch!

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