Radon Stancil


The Before:

Radon Stancil is a financial planner that supports people in planning their retirement and managing their 401k accounts. Prior to working with our team, Radon’s business relied heavily on in-person office meetings with customers in order to build rapport and allow people to feel comfortable transferring their money. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Radon wasn’t able to build those relationships with his customers as they weren’t able to come inside his office. Radon had no prior experience with digital marketing or running ads, but he knew that the best solution was to go digital and take things to paid advertising.

The Details:

Our main objective was to generate as many qualified leads for Radon as possible and get them to book a call with his team. Our monthly projections for him were as follows:

Booked Calls: 8

Cost Per Booked Call: $400
*Note: While this may seem high at first glance, this projection was within Radon’s threshold based on his revenue per conversion.

Booked call conversion rate: 4%

The Strategy:

We implemented a webinar funnel for Radon and began with two different strategies for driving traffic to it. First, we ran traffic to a video series that led to the webinar, and then we ran ads straight to a landing page to register for the webinar.
We soon discovered that the video series strategy wasn’t performing, the leads were expensive, and there weren’t that many coming through the funnel. We turned it off and switched to focus all of our budget into running ads straight to a landing page for the webinar funnel instead.

We’ve continuously tweaked and refined the funnel over the last several months to improve its performance. One thing we tested that made a huge difference was switching from using static images that were heavily curated, to more organic style video content. The videos showed the inside of Radon’s office and communicated that they’re a reliable company, working to build trust and rapport. In these videos, Radon spoke about the key things that everyone should know when they’re retiring.
We also implemented some different tracking for his funnel to improve our optimization by having Radon create a Calendly to schedule calls. At first, we didn’t have the tracking that was necessary with Calendly to see in Ads Manager which audiences were booking calls, so we were essentially optimizing blind. Introducing Calendly allowed us to shift our budget to the audiences where we were getting the most booked calls.

To improve the quality of booked calls, Radon’s team introduced a text feature on the backend to familiarize the leads with Radon and his business. Prior to their calls, they received texts that would say things such as, “Hi, my name’s Radon, I’m going to be calling you on _____ date,” to begin warming them up. This also helped to improve our call show-up rate.

Additionally, we included a qualifying question in the lead form of his call landing page. Previously, the leads would just enter in their name, phone number, and email and then submit the form. We added in a qualifying question of “Do you have above $500,000 in retirement? Yes or no.” This helped the client better understand who his audience was and he was able to go into the call already knowing how much those leads had in retirement savings.

The Results:

Our projections were set for about 8 booked calls per month based on a $3,500/month ad spend. However, Radon’s goal was to ideally get 10 calls booked/month. We were able to scale his monthly budget up to $4,500, and after a month of doing so, he ended up exceeding his goal and we were able to get 15 booked calls!

Radon's cost per lead started out quite high around $30. After all of the shifts we made to his strategy and finding more clarity on his ideal customer avatar, we were able to lower his cost per lead down to around $15-$17 on average.

Our cost per booked call was projected to be around $400, but for the month of April (2021) it was at $190, and in the past three days (at the time of writing this case study) we have lowered it to a $35 cost per booked call.

Our monthly conversion rate goal for booked calls was 4%, and for the month of April (2021) we achieved a 10% booked call conversion rate.

The Impact:

Radon’s business had no prior experience with digital marketing. Our team was able to help his business break into the online world and find success, despite the many challenges we’re facing right now with the iOS 14 updates and rising ad costs.

The Takeaways:

You MUST know your ideal client avatar better than anyone else

Since Radon had no previous digital marketing experience, he had a very broad understanding of who his ideal client avatar was. We were able to work with him to narrow in on that and adjust our targeting and messaging to attract the right audience, which resulted in much more qualified leads coming into his funnel.

Connection is key

The video content that Radon created did an excellent job at connecting with his audience on a deeper level. His videos showed that they’re real people in an office, they’re reliable, and they’re an established company. Radon’s audience really needed that trust factor and confidence that they could rely on Radon’s business to safely transfer their money. The video content they created for this was really helpful and they were able to speak directly to their audience. Switching from more of the curated / static image content to these more personalized videos where Radon was just having a conversation with his audience was very successful.


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