How would it feel to ditch the lead gen hustle by launching a strategy that monetizes your ad spend AND attracts insanely qualified leads eager to buy your high-ticket offers?

Pretty damn good, right?

Low Ticket -- High Reward: 
Turning Micro Products into Macro Profits

A FREE 3-day limited podcast pop-up where you’ll discover EXACTLY how to create a Self-Liquidating Offer that will 100% pay for your ad spend and turn your high-ticket funnel into a premium lead generation machine! 

WARNING: This is not a webinar.

We know you're too busy to sit down for some 60-minute presentation...
Instead, let us whisper sweet, strategic secrets in your ear (without the fluff, sales pitch, or talking head), 
so you never have to spend another dime on marketing again.


So... what's the deal with Self-Liquidating Offers (SLOs) and why do I need one?

A SLO is a low-ticket, high value, wildly scalable digital product that serves your audience exactly what they want in a bite-sized format. And they are nothing short of MAGIC!


Yep, you read that right. When you add a SLO funnel to your marketing strategy, it will PAY for your ad spend. Heck, we've had clients make hundreds of thousands of dollars off these sexy little offers alone!


Think about it. It's easy to sell a tiny offer to an icy cold audience. But once they invest in YOU, they won’t hesitate to eagerly invest in your higher-ticket offerings! No more freebie-hoarders crowding your list, you’ll be swimming in proven, ready-to-buy leads.


In this current economic climate, people are more careful with their money than ever BUT are also more willing to invest in low-priced, quick-solution offers. The way things are now, SLOs are going to be hot for a long while!

Hirsh Marketing has managed over $23 million in Facebook ad spend and generated over $90 million 
in revenue for our clients. We can tell you from experience adding a SLO to your funnel is a 

Our clients have proven that SLOs have the power to: 

✦ Attract 36,000 NEW leads and pay for 100% of the ad spend!

✦ Boost ROI to over 1214%!

✦ Pay for $23K in ads and lower cost per lead by 50%!

And now, we want to share with you EXACTLY how to launch, monetize, and scale a Self-Liquidating-Offer with the power of Facebook ads.

For 3 jam-packed days, we’ll cover all the pieces of this glorious profit-generating puzzle and share insider success stories from our own clients.


July 21st @ 6:00am EST 
Discover why you need a Self Liquidating Offer and HOW to make it pay for your ad spend and become profitable on its own. Plus, I'll show you how to work it so you attract higher quality leads who are motivated to SPEND.   
Give Them What They Want: 
Pick an Offer That Sells

July 22nd @ 6:00am EST
How do you pick the right offer for your business? Easy! Just listen to this podcast episode, and I'll walk through 5 of the best SLO funnel options (and a few of the worst to avoid). And the best part? Most of these funnels can be developed in less than a week!  
It’s All About The Benjamins: 
Monetize Your Ads + Make Bank with your SLO!
July 23rd @ 6:00am EST
Learn how to run ads, keep costs low, clearly lay out next actions, track your success, and tie your SLO offer into your current high-ticket funnel. This day is all about the nitty-gritty, so brace yourself and take notes!

You'll have access to these podcast episodes until Monday, July 27th, then poof -- 

they’re gone forever.

Most agencies are charging thousands to teach these strategies, but we are offering them for FREE. Why?

A.) We love you! 

B.) We believe, as entrepreneurs, YOU make the world a better place. 

C.) We know we're the AGENCY to help you use Facebook ads to monetize the heck out of your SLO -- so you can get back to rockin’ your zone of genius! 

Are you ready to monetize your ad spend AND massively increase your ROI?
You bet you are.  

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