Kendra Lewis


Kendra Lewis


The Before:

Meet one of Team Hirsh’s rockstar clients, Kendra Lewis, who hit six-figures for her live launch in July 2021! Kendra runs a coaching business where she helps other entrepreneurs take advantage of credit and financing in their company in order to grow and scale their business.
Kendra had been working hard on her branding, building up her audience, and getting her offers in order leading up to a live launch she wanted to execute for her high ticket mastermind, Unsexy Launch (a $5,000 offer). She knew she needed the support of a team of experts to execute an ads strategy to truly knock this out of the water, and that’s where our team stepped in!

Before we dive into the strategy and results of her launch, we want you to know what an incredible client Kendra is. She has an extremely charismatic personality, and attracting ideal customers is as easy as breathing for her. She has such a strong relationship with her audience, and is dedicated to serving them and making a real impact in their businesses.

Although we only had a couple of weeks to prepare for her launch, Kendra was very pleased with our team’s level of organization and ability to clearly communicate everything we needed to make this launch successful - everything went off without a hitch! She was able to learn about some new audiences to target in the future that were highly successful from this launch.

The Strategy:

When Kendra and our team began to dive into planning her live launch, she didn’t have separate funnels for her organic and paid traffic, which meant that tracking her leads was extremely difficult. Before we did anything else, we encouraged Kendra’s team to create separate organic and ads funnels first so that our team could accurately track and optimize throughout the entirety of her launch.
The duration of the launch was June 30th through July 11th. During this time, Kendra hosted a free 5-day experience, and at the end she held a live webinar where she pitched her high ticket mastermind, Unsexy Launch. We drove ads straight to the sales page for it and it knocked it out of the park (hello 33% landing page conversion)!

During the launch, we tested several new audiences, which can be difficult as you have a very short period of time where people are registering, and testing audiences can take time. Even though we were somewhat restricted on testing because of this, we found killer audiences right off the bat thanks to the work Kendra had put in to get ultra clear on her target audience! We were able to continue scaling those winning audiences throughout her launch to maximize our sales.

Kendra had a cap at 10 sales for her mastermind as space was limited. She easily filled all ten of those spots, and still had an overwhelming amount of leads who were interested, but weren’ quite prepared to invest in it yet. Kendra was determined to serve as many entrepreneurs as possible, so she decided to down-sell those leads into her $997 Credit Architect course. She also took pieces from her mastermind and created a brand new product called The Road To Unsexy (priced at $2,497) as an accelerator to help people get into her mastermind.

Kendra’s launch absolutely CRUSHED it. Her hard work and collaboration with Team Hirsh resulted in a six-figure launch, bringing in a 5.4X ROAS and a total of $113,144 from the ads & organic funnels combined!

The Results:

Ad Spend: $3,700
Cost Per Lead: $6.75
Landing Page Conversion: 33%
Total Revenue: $113,144
Sales Conversion: 1.6%
ROI: 540.14%
ROAS: 5.4X
AOV: $2,498
Product Price: Unsexy Launch $5,000, Credit Architect $997, & The Road to Unsexy $2,497





    The Impact:

    Kendra’s approach behind her program, Unsexy Launch, is that having a successful business isn’t about all the fancy things like graphics on your website or adding in bells and whistles to make things look pretty. It’s about really building your foundation, knowing your numbers, having processes in place, and being focused rather than working on a million things at once (and we couldn’t agree MORE!). Being able to sell out her Unsexy Launch program means that the business owners who were able to get in are going to have a much higher chance of seeing success in their business, in helping their audiences, etc., because they’ll be able to build that strong foundation and have that clear focus.


    Know Your Audience Better Than Anyone Else

    Since Kendra’s last launch prior to this one, she spent a lot of time getting ultra clear on her target audience, which made targeting a breeze for our team. Although we were in a time crunch, we tested 10 to 12 audiences right off the bat during her launch. Right away we identified six strong winners that we were able to then scale for the remainder of her launch.

    Your Creative Is Crucial

    Kendra did an amazing job bringing high quality creative to the table. She had amazing images and captivating, informative videos that spoke directly to her target customers. These videos really showcased her personality and easily attracted people to her business. In this new era of digital marketing, you must step up your game with your creative and put effort into what you know will best attract your ideal customers!

    Strategic Downsells Can Be Game Changers

    Another reason Kendra’s launch was so successful is that she had other options available for leads who either weren’t able to get in to her mastermind or weren’t yet qualified and she successfully down-sold them into these lower ticket offers. If she had only sold Unsexy Launch, she would have missed out on several sales.

    Accurate Tracking Is Key

    Having your backend tracking set up is critical. Many marketers tend to rely on Facebook’s data when making decisions, but Facebook has been notoriously inaccurate. Fortunately, Kendra had a solid process on the backend to track her sales and leads which allowed our team to make more accurate, informed decisions during her launch.


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