Kathrin Zenkina


The Before:

Kathrin grew up in a poor immigrant family in LA. A victim of constant bullying and the stress of a tense family life, she was shy, awkward, and constantly daydreaming of ways that she could escape her hopeless reality.
After reading the book, The Secret, and learning about manifestation, she began making improvements through education and changing her inner thoughts and beliefs. Kathrin traded in her goals of becoming a doctor (something her parents had always demanded)... to running her own business.

Enter 2020...

Kathrin Zenkina, also known as Manifestation Babe, is the founder of manifestationbabe.com. She has helped over 100,000 women across the globe manifest their wildest dreams into reality and is extremely well known in her industry.

She joined Hirsh Marketing looking to scale her already successful business, knowing that there were many more lives she could help transform with the right messaging and strategy.

(Keep reading to learn the secrets behind our Manifestation Babe campaigns)

The Details:

As always, we onboarded Manifestation Babe through The Hirsh Enrollment Process. First, we looked at her past marketing data insights. Based off of this and meetings with Kathrin to understand her audience more intimately, we created a rock solid and customized marketing plan for her upcoming launch.
Our goal was to drive traffic to Kathrin’s Signature Program Manifestation Babe Academy. It’s a $999 six week course that teaches women how to manifest their dream life. Included are blueprints, meditations, modules, bonuses, and coaching that are continually updated.

Each part of her strategy took into consideration her audience and offer and the best way to promote it for maximum success.

The Strategy:

Phase One:
We began running ads to grow Katharin’s audience a month before the Manifestation Babe Academy Live Launch. 
(Tip: Nurturing and building your list before a Live Launch pays off big time!!! Make sure to leave enough time for this in your strategy).

The free offer giveaway was a journal prompt downloadable. Your free giveaway should always be aligned with your messaging and paid products. Through our strategy sessions with Katharin, we knew this would be something her target audience would want and therefore would attract quality buyers. 

Part of our list building strategy was to offer a $111 “Especially Aligned Offer” to people who opted in. The sales from this helped to offset most of the ad spend during this phase

Phase Two:
Live launch consisting of a live challenge and 5-day open-cart period to a $999 product.

The lead generation phase lasted for three weeks and then we moved into running ads to a free challenge. We added another high converting offer that was triggered on the thank you page of the challenge.

We ran traffic to both cold and warm traffic for the challenge and specifically targeted new subscribers since they were very warm and engaged and we wanted to continue to build a relationship with them.

After the challenge, Kathrin held a Live Launch and the cart opened for her Signature Program: MBA ($999 cost) for 5 days.

We sent sales ads to: 

  • Her entire warm audience, excluding people who had already purchased MBA
  • Kathrin's waitlist for MBA
  • All leads who had purchased the Epically Aligned Offer and gave them a specific discount acknowledging they could apply the cost of it to the MBA sale
  • ​Previous customers to other products offered but had not purchased MBA.







We sent retargeting ads to: 

  • Everyone who had visited the sales page previously and during the launch with specific ads based on their actions. The ads encouraged them to enroll while the doors were still open.
  • Users who had visited the Order Form (Initiate Checkout Page) but had not bought. Again we used specific ad messaging that spoke to the customers exact actions, pushing them to purchase while the doors were open.
  • People who visited the sales page but didn’t initiate checkout (Majority of the budget went here). 



The Results:

Kathrin and Team Hirsh manifested some truly crazy sales results with an ROI of 1214%!

The Results:

  • 1,983 webinar registrants at $3.65 per lead
  • 261 sales at $62.21 per purchase (course price $497)
  • Total Ad Spend: $9,995.28
  • ​Total Revenue: $236,817
  • ​ROI 2369% or 23X

The Takeaways:

A Very Clear Path & Customized Strategy

From the first opt in in December (Journal Prompts Opt in) to the tripwire (Epically Aligned) to the MBA launch itself, we had a strategy and execution plan we were following and everyone was clear on the execution.

Growing The List Strategically Before The Live Launch

We spent December growing Kathrin’s email list with quality leads prior to the launch which paid off when it came time to open the doors to MBA. We had a specific lead generation goal we were trying to achieve that was created around our launch goal and this drove all of our efforts leading up to the launch and kept everyone on the same page with progress.

Offset Lead Generation With A Tripwire

Our tripwire offer was very relevant for Kathrin's audience, causing it to convert really well. This offset the initial lead generation ad cost that went into phase one of the launch.

A Very Nurtured Audience

We can’t take credit for all of this, Manifestation Babe does an amazing job nurturing her people, emailing her list and staying up to date on her organic social media presence. This helps tremendously with live launches and the paid marketing side of things. 

Strategic Retargeting

By filtering people very specifically in our audiences we were able to narrow down very niche audiences that converted really well. For example, not just retargeting people who hit the sales page but narrowing the audience down to people who reached the sales page and didn’t initiate check out yet was very effective.

Extremely Specific Ad Copy

For all of our retargeting audiences listed on the page before we had ads that spoke to each one of them strategically which allowed the audience to convert well. This is a core value of The Hirsh Process and was proven once again to be extremely effective.

Separating Our Campaigns

We tested dynamic creative in one campaign, lifetime budget in another and CBO (campaign budget optimization) in another campaign. This way we were able to test quite a lot (in different campaigns) without throwing things out of whack. With the cart being open for such a short period, this was crucial to success.


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