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The Before:

If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t find success working with an agency because you have no prior experience with Facebook ads, think again! The incredible journey of our client J.M. Preston proves otherwise.
J.M. Preston is a legal attorney who specializes in living trusts, and he began working with Team Hirsh in June of 2020. J.M. had absolutely NO prior experience with Facebook ads, did not yet have an established online presence, did not have a funnel built out, heck - he didn’t even have a Facebook Business Manager account! Previously, he had been acquiring his clients through direct mail and taking potential clients out to dinner. He wanted to take things digital and find a way to mirror the success his firm was seeing organically into paid ads.
Despite being so green to Facebook ads when he first started working with our team, J.M. has been able to grow, learn, and yield amazing success over the last few months. J.M. really is a testament to the fact that patience, trusting the process, and being in it for the long game will absolutely pay off! And to find out exactly why that is, keep on scrolling!

J.M. Preston saw upwards of 151% ROI!

The Details:

I can’t lie, finding a winning strategy for J.M. presented some unique challenges, but not any that our team couldn’t handle. J.M. is only licensed to practice law in California, which greatly limited who we could target for his ads. He also falls under a special ad category since his business deals with law, money, and estates. Because his account was brand new, he had an unseasoned pixel which meant that we were pretty much starting from ground zero for his ads. On top of all of that, his target audience is extremely niche - people over the age of 50 who are considering retiring and are interested in creating their wills and trusts.
We initially decided to utilize an evergreen webinar strategy that urged registrants to book a call with J.M., where he would hopefully sell them on his $4,200 service. We set a lead generation goal of 400 registrations and a monthly sales goal of $17,000.

The Strategy:

Almost instantly, we noticed that our evergreen webinar strategy was not converting. We found that users were barely watching the webinar. They were dropping off around the two minute mark and weren’t sticking around for the remaining hour of the webinar.
We realized J.M.’s audience did not have the attention span for such a long, pre-recorded webinar, so we had to pivot. We implemented a two minute video sales letter (VSL) urging them to book a call. The volume was still too low, and those who did show up for a call were not ready to buy.
So we decided to create a new hybrid strategy. J.M. wanted consistent volume, but we knew his organic success was from face to face contact with the potential clients. This is what was missing from the original strategies. At first, we thought that the audience’s attention span was not long enough, but when the volume was still scarce after a shorter video, we realized that the missing component compared to organic success vs. paid ads was the LIVE component.
We pivoted to create a live webinar sequence with dynamic sign-up pages where users are served an ad to a landing page that offers 3 time slots for a live webinar. J.M. goes live approximately 3 times per week. Each week, the URL changes automatically to account for the next weeks’ webinars.
This strategy has been performing extremely well because now J.M.’s potential clients get the face to face contact they need to learn about J.M.’s offer. We finally managed to find the perfect balance to get J.M. the results he needs! In October, J.M. was able to make $37,400 in sales, and achieved a 151% ROI and a 257% ROAs.

Lead Gen Event Registration

The Results:

  • Ad Spend - $10,500
  • Cost per lead - $20 (J.M.’s lead cost is on the high end due to the SUPER specific niche he is in. There were also high lead costs during October due to election season & beginning of Q4.)
  • ​Landing page conversion - 41%
  • ​Sales results - $37,400
  • ​Sales Conversion - 4%
  • ​ROI - 151%
  • ​ROAs - 257%


Patience is key, especially when you’re new to ads

One thing that my team and I greatly admire about J.M. is that he was more than willing to be patient as we worked diligently to find a winning ads strategy for him. It took time to figure out what worked and what didn’t since we started his ad account and online presence completely from scratch. Remember, marketing is all about the long game!

Test, test, and test again!

In J.M.’s case, extensive testing was necessary since his pixel was so unseasoned. However, even those of us with established audiences, funnels, and strategies still must remember to continually test, refine, and repeat the process all over again.

Data doesn’t lie

If there’s one thing my team and I want you to learn from J.M.’s story, it’s that your data doesn’t lie. When we realized that his audience was dropping off of his original webinar so quickly, we knew it was time to change our strategy. It’s important to let your strategy run its course before making any hasty decisions, but if and when your data is telling you it’s time to pivot, you can’t argue with it.

You must be willing to pivot as needed

Early on, there were times when J.M. became a little bit nervous when he hadn’t yet seen the results that he had envisioned. However, he fully trusted in our team and our process and was very open to working with us on pivoting his strategy when we realized things weren’t working as well as we had hoped. This mentality and level of flexibility is vital to the success of any marketing strategy. You can’t just give up when something isn’t working, you need to pivot.


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