Jeanne Petrucci


The Before:

Allow us to introduce you to Jeanne Petrucci - a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Culinary Coach who helps health and wellness professionals scale their businesses with customizable, done-for-you nutrition content. Before our partnership with Jeanne began, she’d been running ads on her own to her self-liquidating offer funnel, Nutrition Pro Essentials. She wanted support from a team who could take ads off her plate and help her scale her business to its full potential… enter Team Hirsh.

We are so proud of all that Jeanne was able to accomplish within just four months of working with our team, and cannot wait to see how she continues to grow her impact! We are constantly inspired by how deeply she cares about her audience and how dedicated she is to hearing and implementing the strategic shifts our team suggests for scaling her impact.

The Details:

Our partnership with Jeanne began in May of 2021, and the duration of this case study takes place throughout the month of August 2021. In August, our team supported Jeanne in implementing a new webinar funnel to sell her $399 yearly membership, Living Plate Rx. Before we launched her webinar, we supported Jeanne in gaining more clarity on her ideal customers by suggesting she conduct audience interviews. We used the feedback from those interviews to really hone her messaging, copy, and creative for her webinar, which massively paid off! Her team said that if they had to put a price point on the value they gained from those interviews, it would be infinite.

The Strategy:

When we first began working with Jeanne back in May of 2021, she only had a self-liquidating offer funnel for her $27 Nutrition Pro Essentials product, and wanted to execute a new strategy to maximize sales for her $399 membership, Living Plate Rx. Our team devised a webinar funnel strategy in which registrants were given immediate access to the webinar upon signing up, rather than hosting a live webinar or having her audience sign up for a designated time slot to watch it.
Our team ran traffic to both warm and cold audiences, but quickly realized that her cold and lookalike audiences were bringing in the most traffic. Based on the data, we were able to narrow down even further to find that her top converting lookalike audience was her pixel purchases, and we immediately shifted more of her budget into those audiences. We also wanted to leverage the traffic from Jeanne’s SLO funnel to our advantage, so we suggested she add in some information about her webinar and a link to register for it on the thank you page for Nutrition Pro Essentials. This resulted in 25% of all her SLO purchasers signing up for her webinar!

Jeanne had an incredible landing page conversion rate of 41.88% for her webinar, and a stellar sales conversion of 19.16%! Due to the iOS 14 updates, we noticed extreme under-reporting of her sales on the backend of Facebook. For example, Facebook was showing that Jeanne only got 4 purchases for her membership from her webinar, but when we checked her CRM she actually had 41 total purchases. This is why it is absolutely critical that you have tracking set up outside of Facebook to help you verify your data.

At the end of the month, Jeanne was sitting at a 4.01X return on ad spend for her webinar funnel, and you average the return for both her webinar and SLO funnel together, she achieved a total 2.72X return on ad spend!

The Results:

Ad Spend: $7,186
Cost Per Lead: $19
Landing Page Conversion: 41.88%
Total Revenue: $19,569
Sales Conversion: 19.16%
Total ROAs: 2.72X
Webinar Specific ROAs: 4.01x

The Impact:

With the help of our team, Jeanne has been able to help countless other health and wellness professionals remove the frustration and overwhelm associated with having to generate a constant stream of content. 

Especially in this new era where content marketing is becoming increasingly essential, Jeanne’s products are invaluable to these entrepreneurs who are, in turn, impacting the lives of countless other people on their journey to improved health and wellness. 

She was also not only able to break even with her ads (a huge milestone itself), but achieve profitability! 

She’s also found so much more clarity on her ideal customers, which has in turn improved the overall quality and connection of her messaging.

The Takeaways:

Specific Lookalike Audiences Are HOT

After some audience testing and optimizations, we found that Jeanne’s lookalike audience created from her pixel purchases was bringing in the most registrants for her webinar. Here at Team Hirsh, we firmly believe that data should drive our every action and decision. In this case, what the data was telling us was clear: we needed to shift more of Jeanne’s budget towards this winning audience. As soon as we did, it completely took off!

Messaging Will Make Or Break Your Marketing

The video content that Radon created did an excellent job at connecting with his audience on a deeper level. His videos showed that they’re real people in an office, they’re reliable, and they’re an established company. Radon’s audience really needed that trust factor and confidence that they could rely on Radon’s business to safely transfer their money. The video content they created for this was really helpful and they were able to speak directly to their audience. Switching from more of the curated / static image content to these more personalized videos where Radon was just having a conversation with his audience was very successful.

Optimizing, Pivoting, & Adjusting Is True Marketing

We absolutely love that Jeanne understands that marketing is about continuously optimizing and pivoting your strategy. We suggested Jeanne make some optimizations to both her webinar landing page and SLO funnel thank you page, and she was more than willing to implement those changes that in turn helped to improve our conversions. There’s no such thing as creating the “perfect” funnel that will never need optimizations again. If you’re in it for the long game, you will always be optimizing, pivoting, and adjusting your strategy!


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