Marketing for influencers
Turn up the heat on you marketing strategy -- without getting burned.

Ignite is a done-with-you online course where we’ll help you
create a big-picture marketing strategy, implement from A to Z,
and explode your business through paid ads. 

Choose one of our three student tracks!

Has Never
Run Ads

Has Run Ads
That Didn't Work

Is Ready
To Scale

Things you do NOT have time for as a best selling author, course creator, transformative coach, or innovative entrepreneur...

  • Futzing with your Facebook ad strategy because, for some reason, it just stopped working.
  • Learning and RE-learning the ever-changing Facebook and Instagram algorithms.
  • Dealing with a bunch of unqualified leads (or ZERO leads) that your funnel keeps shipping you.
  • ​​Your Facebook ad accounts getting disabled and ads getting rejected again and again and again for no good reason.
  • ​Not knowing what steps to take when planning your launch or how to program all the tech.
  • ​Getting disappointing results from the marketing agency that promised you the moon.
  • ​Not knowing where to even start with ads!
  • ​Overthinking your marketing to the point where you’re stuck in analysis paralysis.


You know, stuff like...

Making waves with your passion & fresh perspective

Establishing yourself as a new authority in your niche

Connecting with an audience that loves and trusts you

Building a brand that you feel confident about sharing

Growing an online empire for yourself and your family

But you can’t do ANY of the things you want to do in the BIG way you want to do them IF you don’t have the right marketing plan in place.

Worst Catch-22 ever, right?

What if there was another way?
 What if you COULD...

  • Have a marketing strategy and funnel map that you UNDERSTAND.
  • Feel confident in your ability to run a successful funnel and scale it from there. 
  • ​Know exactly how much to spend on Facebook ads and predict your success before you launch. 
  • ​Build a warm, read-to-buy audience FULL of ideal clients
  • ​Know your messaging and copy 100% resonates with the right people in the right way. 
  • ​Have zero fear of tech!
  • ​Quickly diagnose and fix any holes or issues with your funnel once you start testing.
  • ​Be the master at ALL things Facebook -- even what to do when an ad gets rejected. 
  • ​Have a deep understanding of every part of your marketing strategy and easily delegate to the right experts when you’re ready. 

Sound like THE DREAM?
Then we NEED to talk about IGNITE...

Ignite is NOT just another DIY course that’s going to collect digital dust on your desktop.

Ignite is NOT filled with tacky, outdated marketing jargon from 5 years ago.

Ignite is NOT some cookie-cutter program that will leave you with a templated plan that looks like everyone else's.

Ignite is a DONE-WITH-YOU program with the education, accountability, and feedback necessary to help you create a CUSTOM marketing plan for YOUR business.

We are giving you all the trainings, tools, templates, and more personally developed by my team of experts with over 50 years of combined digital marketing experience!
Together, we’ll take an in-depth look at how to light a fire under your marketing strategy by leveraging data from multi-million dollar campaigns we’ve run with our clients who are DOMINATING the influencer industry.
And I do mean DOMINATING...
We’re talking about people with BIG NAMES and BIG DREAMS who really get what being an influencer is all about...
  Sharing themselves with their audience bravely and authentically.
  Helping others with their signature online products and services.
  Shaping the world with new ideas and ways of looking at things.
  Gaining authority by showing off their knowledge and leadership.
  And creating opportunity for both themselves and their tribes too.
If this basically describes your to-do list...
Then you’ve DEFINITELY come to the right place!
You know that being an influencer is about being SO MUCH MORE than Instagram famous -- it’s about creating an impact that has the power to change lives!
(Including your own.)
And you’re aaalmost at that point where you could hire out your marketing work (or hand it off to your own department) but you just haven’t been able to reach that point…

You’re looking at the long game and how to leverage your status into a sustainable business model.
  • You want strategy, systems, and support that are backed up by data and what’s working NOW along with realistic plans to implement them.
  • You want to crush your sales goals, explode your audience reach, and make a massive impact in the world around you. 
  • ​And you want to do all this without the stress and guesswork that comes with testing a funnel for the very first time.
For years, the only way to get that was by going all-in with a full-service
marketing agency...
Not any more.
I’ve teamed up with DOZENS of top-level marketers (aka my team) to bring you a first-of-its-kind training and live coaching experience made just for influencers that tackles every aspect of marketing with data-driven solutions perfected from MILLIONS of dollars in ad spend.
And Now I'd Like To
Invite You to Join Us In

We’ve designed this program with 3 student tracks so you can pick the right one for you based on where you are in your biz. 

Has Never
Run Ads Before

Has Run Ads
That Didn't Work

Is Running Ads That Are Ready To Scale

Once you join, you’ll pick your path AND you’ll get lifetime access to the materials so you can come back and pick a different path as you grow and scale!
See What Some Of Our Ignite Members Had To Say About The Program:
"I was petrified of opening Facebook Ads Manager on my computer. But when I jumped in to Ignite, it saved me. I now feel like a rockstar when I open my Ads Manager and I know what to look for and what to do. The level of support that you gave was hands down game changer. Within a couple of weeks (90 days), I'm able to say I have a converting funnel with $6,000 in booked sales." 
- Stephanie Hess, Business and Success Coach 
"I had been using Facebook ads for a year prior to the program, worked with an agency and few other Facebook ad strategists and a lot on my own. I was using ads but not effectively. I wasn't getting the results I wanted to get. But being part of this group, part of this program, having access to all of the resources, access to you and your team, I've been able to optimize my ads and now I'm trending at 200% ROI." 
- Amanda Karlstad, Life and Intuitive Business Coach
"I embraced the agency model and I had a pattern of service and results but I knew I needed to get to a point where I could scale online myself. I needed to get outside of my head on how to strategically scale what I had already created. Ignite was a no-brainer because it was the structure that I needed to get to the next step." 
- Kaci Brown, Marketing Strategist 
"I work as a heart-centered certified professional coach, but I didn’t have the knowledge to take myself online. My level was at a 2 and I was dabbling, throwing everything at the wall and seeing what stuck. My goal was to get more 1:1 clients and I had to have the foundation set and I’ve worked really hard at that with Ignite. It gave me the confidence to learn a new skill and create a big picture for my future. I now know exactly what I need to do and what I can do."
- Paula Haubrich, Leadership Coach
"I found the program super easy to navigate. It was a no-brainer, easy, no nonsense, really clearly laid out program. What I got the most out of, apart from the community, was actually having real humans to talk to and get support on and to review what I was doing in real time and give me feedback. The support calls were worth their weight in gold."
- Larissa Macleman, Founder of Salon Owners Collective 
Want in on this?
Sound Like Something You Want In On?
Hi, it’s me -- Emily Hirsh.
And I’m here to help YOU stay in your zone of genius.
Because it’s MY zone of genius to remove the overwhelm of digital marketing and execute ridiculously effective (aka profitable) strategies to skyrocket your business beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m an entrepreneur myself so I feel your drive and energy in your business.

I am right there with you and know that you’re looking for support you can TRUST.
I genuinely believe that the right team is the difference between success and failure.

Entrepreneurs who constantly stay in their zone of genius and outsource the rest will see the results they are looking for Every. Single. Time.

That’s why when I set out to dominate the world of digital marketing, I didn’t do it alone.

My team is made up of over 25 TOP-LEVEL experts like our industry-leading senior strategists, rock star ads managers, award-winning creative director, and others who are all at the top of their game in the marketing and management world!

In 3 years, I built one of the largest and fastest growing digital marketing companies in the world, creating and implementing multi-million dollar ad campaigns for entrepreneurs looking to make a massive positive impact on the world.

At Hirsh Marketing, we manage 1 million in revenue for our clients each month

And each month, we take a long and hard look at what the results and reports are telling us in order to whip up data-driven strategy that supports their goals.
We’re not just another marketing agency…
We’re a full suite marketing management company that helps world-changing influencers grow their business through effective and innovative marketing strategies. 
no. of funnels we've driven traffic to
total ad spend we've managed
$ 24,600,612
team members
REvenue Generated
$ 91,711,443 
When you choose to IGNITE your brand, you’re choosing a team of experts (including myself) who are here to help you develop a customized marketing plan with proven results and ROI!

You’ll get to know top members of my team as they guide you through their zone of genius and teach you the insider secrets they specialize in.

This isn’t just a one-woman show (boooring!), it’s a virtual think-tank with over 50 years of combined experience and multiple-millions of dollars in ad spend managed!
Whether you’re a coach, author, speaker, thought-leader, or industry innovator -- our expertise within the influencer industry will speak SPECIFICALLY to your goals and growth!
We’ve worked with some of the biggest names online and here’s what they have to say:

“Emily and her team are on the cutting edge of what’s working (and not working) in Facebook advertising. They’re strategic, reliable, and will go the extra mile to get the best results. We love working with them.”
Tana Parrot, VP of Business Operations at Marie Forleo International

“One morning I woke up and there was over $1,000 worth of money in my account. My first thought is, “Why did I wait so long to do this?” And I mean, we crushed it. I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it was literally like I couldn’t put money in fast enough. I’d put a dollar in, I’d get two dollars out. 
We 10X-ed it!”
Bob Heilig, Founder & CEO at Your Virtual Upline

“We’ve had incredible success working with Emily’s team. One month we spent $7,000 in Facebook Ads and we were able to generate $64,000 in sales, just from the $7,000 in ads. We are getting $1.77 cost per lead and amazing ROI. We had another month recently where we spent $9,400 and made, where is it, $70,843.” 
Sarah & Dillion King, Co-Founders & CEOs at With the Kings

Wish You Could Bottle Our Behind-the-Scenes Strategy?
Wish You Could Bottle Our Behind-the-Scenes Strategy?
You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to my Ignite Marketing Course and 90 Days of coaching and community support in our exclusive Facebook Group for 

JUST $2,497

We’re not holding back at Hirsh Marketing…
We’re giving you the EXACT same strategy and tools we use for all of our top clients.
When you sign up, you’ll get LIFETIME access to:
Our Signature Ignite: Marketing for Influencers Course
Never second guess yourself again with this step-by-step intensive that walks you through ways to set yourself up for success (and skyrocketing revenue)!

Broken up into 3-parts, this 20-module course covers everything that you and your team need to know about marketing from lead generation to tech troubleshooting and more!

See the full course curriculum here.
($3,997 Value)
Our Archive of Trainings, Tools,
and Templates
Accelerate your growth and amplify your success with done-for-you marketing resources that give you the shortcut to testing and perfecting what works!

Power messaging guides, tracking sheets, fill-in-the-blank funnel maps, a sweet profits projection calendar, and other goodies are all waiting for you!

($1,497 Value)
And 90-DAY UNLIMITED access to:
Our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Community
Get support, encouragement, and advice from fellow influencers who are on this same journey with you and totally “get it” in a fun and safe online environment 24/7!

Immerse yourself in entrepreneurial energy and have access to LIVE group coaching calls, monthly hot seat sessions, and all the latest tips and techniques from my team and me!
($1,997 Value)
Weekly Support Calls from
Team Hirsh
Conquer your confusion and create a marketing plan that truly fits your business with the direct help of Team Hirsh!

Let us check in with you about how to apply the materials and customize them for your business to get you implementing and growing even faster!

($1,997 Value)
LIVE Monthly Ads Training from Team Hirsh
During your 90 days of LIVE support, we will be covering the tools and techniques that will keep you on the cutting edge of what’s working in the marketing world NOW in our monthly trainings!
($1,297 Value)
Access to our Ignite Success Coach
Available at all times during your 90 days inside IGNITE to 10X your results. Falling behind, need support, feel stuck, want some feedback.... our Ignite Success Coach will be there for you every step of the way!
($1,997 Value)
Accountability Galore
If the live support wasn’t enough, we've added in student leaderboards, surprise engagement prizes and much more to keep you focused and on a track with your marketing goals!
Plus incredible FREE BONUSES like:
Instagram Secrets - $2,997 Value
No more hashtagging and hoping for the best! We’ll show you exactly how to grow an audience of loyal fans and followers without the guesswork! Our best-performing secrets will have you covered for ad campaigns, stories, organic traffic growth, and more! 
Seven Figure Funnel Bundle - $6,997 Value
Want done-for-you funnel templates ready to rock your launch? Well, we got 'um! Say goodbye to endless guesswork and build a high-converting funnel with our 4 tested and proven templates! We don't give these away with ANY other offer, so this is the only place you can score such a valuable resource! 
Million Dollar Ad Copy Swipe File - $2,997 Value
Need help slinging words that sell? Our team of copywriters created a bundle of tried-and-tested frameworks used to generate millions of dollars for our clients. You’ll get access to our most effective and profitable ad copy, so you don’t have to spend hours fumbling at the keyboard and instead implement a successful strategy right away!
Exclusive Plug and Play Ad Images - $1,197 Value
Your targeting, copy, and imagines need to all play nicely together to build an effective campaign. That's why we're opening the doors to our exclusive Team Hirsh library of ad templates and graphics to use for inspiration for your next ad campaign. We've included a wide variety of images so you can plug in your headlines and go!
Seven Figure Facebook Market Research Blueprint - $797 Value
Hirsh Marketing is the secret sauce behind hundreds of top-influencer success stories, and we've gathered A LOT of data on what works (and what doesn't). But we don't want to keep it all to ourselves! So we created ONE master document to show you behind the scenes of the most current and effective strategies in the online space!
Seven Figure Facebook Experiments: Our Highest Converting Ads Library - $1,997 Value
Peek behind the curtain at our Facebook Ad Experiments that have resulted in over $71 Million in revenue for Hirsh Marketing clients. You'll have access to every single high-converting ad we have ever managed plus some industry favorites. Boom! Look, we've already done the heavy lifting so you can cut out the guesswork.
Plus snag these NEW BONUSES:
The Best Audiences To Target By Industry - ($497 Value)
With over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook (and over a billion on Instagram), there’s plenty of potential to niche down while still scaling up!
We're taking the guesswork out of what audiences to target in this exclusive bonus!
Creating a Converting Nurture Sequence That Prepares Your Audience To Buy - ($1,497 Value)

How can you effectively give your audience the ‘ah-ha’ moments and mental shifts necessary to purchase your product?
 Grab our insider tips and strategies in this bonus to prime your audience to buy!
Million Dollar Webinar Bundle -
($1,997 Value)
Get instant access to our behind the scenes webinar funnel training, our webinar template, a sample script, and powerful closing techniques.
At Hirsh Marketing we’ve generated millions of dollars with webinars for our clients and we’ve crammed all our secrets into this stellar bonus. 
Comprehensive Facebook Ads Audit - $997 Value
Our Ignite Success Coach will conduct a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your current Facebook marketing efforts (business page and Ads account). We're going to get in there and dig around in order to improve the overall performance of your Facebook marketing and ads. #GOLD
Total Value: $36,259
   Choose one payment of $2,497,
two monthly payments of $1,500 OR
three payments of $1,100!
Don’t Want To Miss 
This Deal?
Don’t Want To Miss 
This Deal?
You’re backed by my 120% Money-Back Guarantee!
Nope -- that’s not a typo!

They say that good things come to those who wait, but I say that good things come to those who TRY…

Complete all the trainings and assigned work, show up to all our live calls and if you’re still seeing negative ROI, just send us the proof and I’ll refund your purchase PLUS 20% for your time and trouble!
Why? Because I believe in this program, and I want to thank you for believing in it too.
(In order to qualify, you MUST attend all the live trainings, complete our bullet proof process, and provide proof of having done the work each step of the way.)
As soon as you sign up…
Your payment will be processed and you’ll receive an email giving you INSTANT ACCESS to the entire program, including our online community and bonus trainings!
This allows you to dive right in and explore your trainings in whatever way works best for your business or team.
You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to the most-current version of the course materials to keep you on the cutting edge of what’s working…
And 90-day access to our online community and weekly support calls from my team to jumpstart your journey to a bigger and more profitable brand!
It’s Undeniable -- Influencers And Industry Leaders NEED To Work On Their Marketing Mojo If They Want To Reach Their Highest Potential!  
And an all-inclusive program like this can meet you exactly where you’re at on ANY level and grow with you as you scale your brand!

You’ll stay in complete control of your strategy while armed with insights and information you can’t find ANYWHERE ELSE thanks to this behind-the-scenes look at how we manage a million dollars in ad revenue every month!

As an entrepreneur who truly values other entrepreneurs, I wanted to create an opportunity for anyone to gain access to our signature strategy and experience top-level support from our team of experts!
Whether you’re a business coach, health coach, or life coach…
Whether you’re a best-selling author or world-renown speaker…
Whether you’re a known thought leader, innovator, or inventor...
Whether you’re a business coach, health coach, or life coach…

Whether you’re a best-selling author or world-renown speaker…

Whether you’re a known thought leader, innovator, or inventor...

IGNITE can help spark a revolution in your business and light a fire under your results!
We work with influencers from all over the world and in almost every industry…
But, I have to tell you that if you’re a mom and pop shop, e-commerce entrepreneur, or someone looking to grow their MLM team, then this isn’t the program for you!

A BIG PART of what makes this program so powerful is that its content is 100% focused on helping influencers grow their impact and income using digital marketing and doesn’t take detours into information that won’t apply to your brand.
Want more results? We got results:
Want to Become Our Next Success Story?
Want to Become Our Next Success Story?
Here are ALL the details on what you’ll be learning...
Section #1: The Marketers Book of Matches
No techy stuff… yet. We’re taking a step back from the social media strategy to give you some big-picture insight into the world of marketing and get you set up for success!
Section #2: Facebook Ads to Fire Up Your Following
It’s time to bring your marketing plan into the digital age! We’ll walk you through each step of implementing a social media strategy that gets clicks and conversions!
Section #3: Smokin’ Hot Launch-Specific Strategies
Ready… Set… Launch! We’re breaking it all down and giving you the blueprint for how we’ve run million dollar launch campaigns for our clients in the influencer industry!
You could take every marketing class in the world -- but without understanding how to apply those principles to YOUR brand, those strategies don’t mean anything…
With Ignite, you’re getting hours of trainings, tools, templates, swipe files, calculators, tracking sheets, resources, and MORE to create a customized marketing plan just for YOU thanks to my team of 20+ marketing experts!
We’ve launched MILLION DOLLAR ad campaigns & increased our clients’ ROI HUNDREDS of times…
To date, Hirsh Marketing has handled over $24 million in ad spend and has generated over $93 million in revenue for our clients.
And our team of experts have won national awards, etc.
We believe “good enough” is never the goal (and we bet you do too).

You didn’t start down this path to chase “good enough,” you came look for: 

OPPORTUNITY to build something you believe in and share it with the world.
FREEDOM to spend more time on friends, family, and fun on your own terms.
ABUNDANCE to smash your sales records and bring in even more revenue.
RESPECT to be seen as a recognized thought leader in your zone of genius.
HAPPINESS to enrich your life as you live your purpose and grow your impact.

Nodding your head in agreement all the way? 
Then We’d Bet Good Money You’re Ready To Ignite.
Ready to Revamp Your Sales Strategy?
And those success stories keep pouring in...
Frequently Asked Questions:
So, What Are You Waiting For?
So, What Are You Waiting For?
Stepping up in your business is a BIG DEAL -- but if you’ve made it this far, then I can say that you definitely have the determination you need to IGNITE!
If you have any last burning questions that I didn’t cover here, please click the chat box below so that we can guide you to the right choice for your brand and business.
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