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" We’ve had incredible success working with Emily’ team. One month we spent $7,000 in Facebook Ads and we were able to generate $64,000 in sales, just from the $7,000 in ads. 
We are getting $1.77 cost per lead and amazing ROI. We had another month recently where we spent $9,400 and made, where is it, $70,843."
" Our last signature launch of our master brand program ($1,000 product) had a return on ad spend of over 400%. As a result of that, 40% converted to a $15,000 product. Last month alone, we had a $400,000 month. We also have a steady revenue stream for an evergreen funnel with 150-400$ ROAS.

If you’re looking for a company that’s collaborative, creative and brings a real point of contact to the table, I think Hirsh Marketing is a fantastic partner."
"Hirsh Marketing has been a collaborative partner in listbuilding, strategy and executing against deadline-oriented launches. We worked with the HM Team for over 1 year and during that time our brand awareness greatly increased, resulting in “The 5 Second Rule” becoming an international best-seller."
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