Doug & Haley Johnson


The Before:

Haley and Doug Johnson are a powerhouse team who teaches entrepreneurs how to grow & monetize their YouTube channels. 

People connect with Hayley because she's very relatable. She started YouTube as a stay-at-home mom with no fancy equipment or special connections. She also has a unique stance. Most say that money comes AFTER you've built your audience, found your niche, etc. But YouTubepreneur's school of thought is that you should be strategizing how to monetize your channel well before your audience hits a point where you can make money.

Before coming to work with Hirsh, Doug and Hayley built their funnel and business through organic marketing and were ready to take it to the next level. However, they struggled with Facebook ad rejections in the past and knew they needed more support from an established team.

Haley's channel saw an ROI of 383.25%

The Details:

Doug and Haley reached out to Team Hirsh to help them knock their ads out of the park. Their main objective was to sell their $997 course, How To Grow Your Audience as a YouTuber in 6 Months or Less, via a webinar funnel. Together, we set a monthly sales goal of 5 sales at $4985/month, and our lead generation goal was to secure 433 total leads.

The Strategy:

We started Doug and Hayley’s strategy with an opt in that then led to a webinar which sold their $997 course. We also ran ads directly to the webinar to test if that was more effective.
After running their ads for a while and seeing sales come through, our data showed us that leads to the opt in were coming in at a higher cost than webinar registrations and that we were only seeing sales from people that came directly through the webinar, instead of the initial opt in ads we were running.
We made the transition to switch more budget from the opt in towards the webinar ads and focused heavily on the audiences that were working to bring in sales. While Doug and Hayley’s main audience is “stay at home moms”, we also started testing new audiences and interests and have found some success targeting women who are interested in Entrepreneurship as well.
The success of Doug and Hayley’s ads are due to the data driven decisions we have made, their solid understanding of their target audience, the great product they offer their target audience, and their constant focus on improvement of conversion metrics.

Lead Gen Event Registration

Lead Gen Event Registration

Lead Gen Event Registration

Lead Gen Event Registration

The Results:

  • Top performing webinar ad with a $1.44 cost per registration
  • 548 webinar registrants at $2.71 per registration
  • 8 sales at $185.41 per purchase
  • ​Total Ad Spend: $1,848.13
  • ​Total Revenue: $8,931.00


Don’t Let Disapprovals Get You Down

When we initially started, Facebook would incorrectly disapprove all of our ads. This may be due to the impact COVID has had on Facebook’s business so we would have to request a manual review each time and wait longer than usual to get the ads up and running. Facebook had stopped giving us this issue after all our first ads were Approved.

Hone In On The Funnel Strategy

We were able to achieve cheap cost per leads to Hayley’s opt in but wanted to test if we paid a little more for a webinar registration, would it result in a higher sales conversion. This proved to be successful and it’s why tracking and monitoring all stats within a funnel is very important.

Lifestyle Pictures Perform Better

We continue to test everything from copy to creative to audience so that we can find the most profitable audience with the best ads. We found with Doug’s images that his audience responded to lifestyle photos with no text in them better than the ads with text for the webinar ads. Doug & Hayley’s main audience is stay at home moms who wanted to get into vlogging so we set up our first few audiences to target this audience based on interests and we’ve been running it successfully since.

Trust The Process of Buying Data

When we started running ads, we didn’t have a lot of data to go off of in terms of what audiences worked and didn’t. We set up ads to target women with other interests and characteristics to gauge profitability from audiences separate from stay-at-home moms so we could scale the ads out to a broader audience. Through a lot of audience testing we found that women interested in Entrepreneurship and influencers / pages around entrepreneurship also perform well for their webinar and course offer. This is the power of testing your ads, receiving data back and then being able to make strategic decisions off that data.


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