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  • The REAL ad spend, budget, and profit for each unique strategy
  • A STEP-BY-STEP breakdown of how each strategy was developed and executed 
  • Takeaways revealing exactly WHY the campaign was successful and hit goals
  • ​Links to the ACTUAL ad creative and copy we used in the campaign
  • ​Insights into HOW you can APPLY these strategies to your business

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  • Leads: 4397 @ $5.54 Cost per lead
  • ​Membership Sales: 195 @ $120.82 Cost per purchase
  • Tripwire Sales: 450 @ $52.36 CPP
  • ​Total Ad Spend: $23,561.44
  • ​Total Revenue/ROI: $51,480 / 118%


  • List Building: Added 36,000 NEW leads to list in pre-launch phase and paid for 100% of the ad spend with his tripwires
  • Webinar: 47,150 webinar registrations at $2.11 per registration
  • Membership Sales: 410 membership signups
  • ​Total Ad Spend: $99,735
  • ​Total Revenue: $350,000 + $75,000 recurring monthly revenue (ROI of 350%)

Live Launch

  • ROI of 1214%
  • ​Multiple Campaign Takeaways:
  • Growing The List Strategically Before The Live Launch
  • ​Offset Lead Generation With A Tripwire
  • ​Strategic Retargeting
  • ​​Extremely Specific Ad Copy
  • ​Separating Campaigns

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For years, I compiled case studies for internal use, but I soon realized that they’re too damn good not to share!

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