Bob Heilig


The Before:

Bob Heilig was an early client of Hirsh Marketing’s and came to us with a successful business that had really not leveraged Facebook ads yet.

Bob is the Founder of Your Virtual Upline, a training resource for the new wave of network marketers that put love, service and giving at the heart of their business, and want strategies and techniques that work in the world we live in today.
Prior to contacting Hirsh Marketing, Bob was doing a lot of Facebook live videos and had built a loyal following and a successful multiple-six figure business through his visibility strategies. However, he knew that in order to take his company to the next level, he had to invest in paid ads.

When he came to Hirsh Marketing he didn’t have a marketing strategy in place and was looking for guidance on what to do and where to start. His ultimate goal was to launch his Legacy Leadership Academy Membership site which had not been launched yet. 

In order to do this we started with Step 1 of The Hirsh Process and strategized a pre list building phase leading up to the successful launch of his membership site. 

The Details:

The first steps we took to setting Bob up for success was strategizing where his email list needed to be in order to hit his launch goals for his membership site. The very first strategy call Bob had with Hirsh Marketing was to nail down his ultimate goal for his membership launch and then work backwards on numbers from there.

This gave both Bob and The Hirsh Marketing team metrics for success before we even turned on ads.
The strategy we landed on was to build Bob’s list for 8 weeks before going into his live launch of Legacy Leadership Academy. 

We had pretty ambitious goals for the list building but Bob was all in to invest and achieve his goal. The important part was we all knew what it would take to get there.

The Strategy:

Phase One:
In the first phase, our list building phase, we started with a few general lead magnets to build his list such as a “Proven Scripts” opt in for network marketers to use as well as a Linkedin strategy for network marketers to use in recruiting.

On the thank you page of each opt in there was a self-liquidating offer (or tripwire) for $27 and an upsell to that tripwire for $97. Each of these offers were connected to what the lead originally opted in to and felt like a natural next step from the opt in so they converted tremendously well.
We were able to pay for 100% of his lead generation ad spend just by using these tripwires and self liquidating offers. This was huge and more than we expected and we put the revenue from these funnels right back into growing his list. Bob knew his audience and what they wanted and that was a massive contributor to these initial funnels working so well.

Phase Two:
The second phase of Bob’s launch was the opening doors of his membership site, Legacy Leadership Academy. 
Bob did a live webinar to announce the membership and then promoted the open cart of the membership for 7 days and a surprise cart re open of 2 days after that. We pushed a monthly and annual subscription during this sales period. 









The Results:

  • List Building: Added 36,000 NEW leads to his list in pre-launch phase and paid for 100% of the ad spend with his tripwires
  • Webinar: 47,150 webinar registrations at $2.11 per registration
  • Membership Sales: 410 membership signups
  • Total Ad Spend: $99,735
  • ​Total Revenue: $350,000 + $75,000 recurring monthly revenue (ROI of 350%)

The Takeaways:

The Importance Of Planning!

Bob is another case study that really proves how important and crucial it is to plan ahead with a live launch to make sure goals can and will be hit. 

We did 8 weeks of list building with Bob and everything was very intentional: the number of leads we needed to add to his list, the number of webinar registrants we needed for the live launch, the number of sales we were aiming to get. 

Everyone was on the same page from day one and Bob really relied on us to tell him these numbers so he knew what was happening and what to expect. Going into the launch with this level of planning and preparation definitely set us up for success and allowed us to not only reach our goals but succeed them.

Knowing Your Audience

Great results are never just a result of the marketing team, it’s always because of a collaboration and partnership with the client.

Bob is amazing to collaborate with because he’s willing to work with us and help us deeply understand his ideal customer so we can nail the messaging in the ads, the webinar positioning and the positioning of the offer itself.

This, combined with the fact that Bob is willing to show up on video and deeply connect with his audience makes all of our marketing work so much more effective.

Social Proof

One thing we did with all of Bob’s ads is make sure they had amazing social proof by using our page post ID hack. 

What this does is take one ad version and spread it out to all different audiences but keeps all of the comments / likes / shares on one ad. This gave Bob a lot more instant credibility and helped his ads convert at a cheaper cost per lead.

Nurturing An Audience

The 2 months we were list building, Bob was nurturing that audience of leads. He was sending regular emails, doing regular Facebook lives and working to build the trust and credibility he would need for his launch. 

When it came time to open the doors to Legacy Leadership Academy people couldn’t join fast enough because they already loved Bob and trusted his content so much. 


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