Annisa Holmes


The Before:

Anissa is a dentist, business acceleration coach, best selling author and a leader in the dental industry. With her years of experience in the dental industry she now focuses on teaching dentists how to build fascinating brands so they can grow their practices and serve their customers without overwhelm and burnout.
Anissa offers a variety of different products to dentists with her core offer a digital course that shows dentists how to get new patients using Facebook ads.
Before coming to work with Hirsh Marketing Anissa had been making sales primarily by leveraging her name in the dental industry but was ready to expand and increase her impact through strategic marketing and Facebook ads.

Knowing she couldn’t continue to market her business to the level she wanted all on her own, she hired Hirsh Marketing to help with the strategy, funnel build and Facebook ad execution.

Anissa hired Hirsh Marketing to not only run traffic to her core webinar funnel but to several funnels including lead generation funnels such as her social media branding guide, dental printables and more. We used The Hirsh Process to build out multiple steps in her funnels and tie them all together to accomplish her main goal of selling her Facebook Ad Blueprint course.

Read on to see the steps we used to grow her online business.

The Details:

Anissa had several funnels and ideas when she came to Hirsh Marketing and we encouraged her to focus on one main goal, selling her Facebook bootcamp course that was priced at $997.
All of our marketing efforts drove this one main goal and our core focus became visibility ads, webinar registration ads as well as retargeted sales ads. 

The Strategy:

Visibility / Brand Awareness:
We ran visibility ads to cold traffic to Anissa’s Facebook lives to build our warm audience of video views as well as continue to build her brand authority with dental audiences that weren’t familiar with her content expertise.


Lead Generation:
After growing Anissa's audience and reach through boosting her content we drove traffic to the top of the funnel. This was an automated masterclass on how to grow your dental practice with Facebook.



The webinar, sales emails and retargeted sales ads all lead to her Facebook Bootcamp course that was sold for $997.



The Results:

  • 3,166 webinar registrants at $2.40 per lead
  • 191 sales at $92.98 cost per purchase
  • Total Ad Spend: $8,298.28
  • ​Total Revenue: $43,266.78
  • ROI 586.83% or 5.8X

The Takeaways:

Utilizing Brand Awareness & Visibility

We consistently used The Hirsh Process, Step 2 to promote Facebook lives and content and grow Anissa’s warm audience and brand awareness. 

This allowed us to get webinar registrants who were not completely unfamiliar with Anissa’s brand on to the webinar for a great cost. The videos with 100,000’s of views also gave Anissa credibility in the newsfeed and helped her results even more. 

Constant New Creative

We were consistently writing copy and creating images for the webinar ads to keep the cost below our $4 cost per registration goal. This helped us keep the overall ad spend lower and was crucial in the total ROI. 

Leveraging Lookalike Audiences

Anissa was gathering a lot of data for an audience that is hard to target directly, dentists. The more data we got, the more we were able to leverage that data. 

We continually created new lookalike audiences of people signing up for the webinar, watching the webinar, visiting the webinar landing page or the sales page and this allowed us to leverage Facebook’s data on it’s users to our advantage.

Strategic Retargeting Ads

    A lot of dentists didn’t have the time to watch Anissa’s complete webinar because of how busy they were. We saw a lot of        success targeting our sales ads directly to audiences who had engaged with Anissa’s brand or funnel in some way. 

    By being really strategic and engaging with our ad copy and images with the sales ads we were able to drive people to the      sales page and get them to complete their purchase.


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