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The Before:

Allison Ball is a shining example of not waiting for the 'perfect time' to start growing your business, but instead jumping in with two feet TODAY. #justdoit
She came to work with us only a month before the worldwide outbreak of COVID 19 was announced. The economy took a sharp downturn and many businesses panicked, procrastinated, and put off their marketing launches.

Knowing that the world would never be the same after the virus, and that her audience couldn't wait any longer to hear her message, she didn't wait for things to return to 'normal'.

Allison took massive action.... which is what truly successful entrepreneurs do... and booked a strategy call with Team Hirsh.
She helps producers of packaged food products get onto retail shelves and successfully sell/market their products once they’re in stores.

Before coming to work with Team Hirsh, she had built up her funnel and business only through organic marketing. However, she felt her organic sales were slower than she wanted and desired to spread her impact and change lives at a faster rate. Allison knew that Facebook Ads were the key.

Keep reading to learn the strategies we used to grow her business FAST during an economic crisis.

Allison didn't wait for an uncertain future, she took action.

The Details:

Allison Ball is a new client of Hirsh Marketing’s and we love working with her because of her trust in our process and willingness to implement our suggestions.

Allison has an amazing niche and is extremely committed to releasing consistent content and engaging with her audience, which helps increase her sales. She sees Hirsh Marketing as an extension of her own business and is great at making funnel changes we recommend and trusting us with our process to improve cost per lead as well as overall funnel performance. 

Her main goal was to increase enrollment in her Retail Ready course which is priced at $1497. It provides resources for food entrepreneurs to get their products on retail shelves and then increase sales.

Out ream focused the ad, landing page, and webinar messaging around the uncertainty food entrepreneurs, and really everyone, faced during the virus pandemic. Allison's audience asked 'how will I grow my business during this crisis?' We made sure that her offers were the clear answer.

The Strategy:

We started Allison’s strategy with an opt in that then led to a webinar and sold her Retail Ready course on the webinar. Her optin was a 'Retail Roadmap' that shows business owners how to build a long lasting food brand and get shoppers to actually choose their product over others.

We ran two types of ads for her campaign. One offered the Retail Roadmap and then lead to a Webinar registration page, while the other ad went straight to the landing page to register for the webinar. By dividing the funnel in two we could see what was producing the most sales which would allow us to tighten our return on ad spend.

In the first few weeks of running Allison’s ads we were able to cut her cost per lead down 3x by getting very specific with her targeting. We found that in this niche different combinations of layered interests seemed to work best and produce the best quality leads at the best cost. For her audience, we also saw that lifestyle images and images of Allison with text performed better than stock images with text overlays. 

As mentioned before, because Allison does a great job of providing regular content for her audience we were able to warm up her leads quickly. Allison recorded engaging Facebook lives with tips and common mistakes that food retailers make which we put ad spend behind. From these Facebook lives we were able to build a large audience based off of users who viewed the video.






The Results:

  • Total Ad Spend: $5,196.76
  • Total Sales: $28,354
  • ROI: 446%


Continue To Test Targeting Until It Converts

When we started running traffic to these funnels the cost per lead was extremely high. This is a very niche audience and it took us some trial and error to test various targeting and get the cost per lead down under $3, which was our goal. When you first start ads if your cost per lead is high it’s important not to get frustrated and shut everything off but to continue testing until you’re able to get it within your threshold. 

Finding The Best Return On Ad Spend

We were able to get cheap cost per leads to Allison’s opt in but wanted to test out if we paid a little more for a webinar opt in but they purchased her course, what would it do to our overall return on ad spend. This proved to be successful and it’s why tracking and monitoring all stats within a funnel is very important. 

Buy Data To Optimize

There were many different elements of Allison’s strategy where we tested something, shifted the strategy/targeting/creative a bit and then re tested until it was working and hitting our goals. This is crucial, especially with a funnel or ad campaign that has never had traffic run to it.


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