Abby Walker


The Before:

Abby Walker, founder of Vivian Lou, came to work with Hirsh Marketing after trying several different agencies and never finding one that could keep her cost per purchase goal where she needed it to be in order to be profitable.

She was stuck running her own ads because of this and was on the verge of giving up when a friend of hers referred her to Hirsh Marketing.

She decided to give outsourcing her ads one more shot right around Black Friday and The Holidays, her busiest time of year. Let’s just say, she was so glad she did!

Abby’s company sells shoe inserts that help women wear high heels and shoes they love 4x longer without pain. Her product is amazing and we love working with her!

The Strategy:

The strategy was pretty simple: sell as many shoe inserts as possible and keep the cost per purchase below $20.
We didn’t have a budget limit as long as we could keep the cost per purchase below our goal so our two objectives were:

          Keep the cost per purchase below our threshold
          Scale as much as possible, especially during this time of year





The Results:

  • 30 day campaign
  • 3,149 sales at $16.68 per purchase 
  • Total Ad Spend: $42,707.69
  • Total Revenue: $186,265.95
  • ROI 436%

**Hirsh Marketing was the first agency to not only scale Abby’s results each month but keep the cost per purchase well below what she was achieving when she ran her own ads**

I think with every business owner has a love-hate relationship with Facebook. At times it’s more love and at other times it’s more hate. Oftentimes what would happen was I would be managing my own Facebook ads and hitting between a $16 and it’s $18 CPA consistently. Then I would transition to an agency and they would not be able to maintain that CPA – it would always skyrocket, which was so frustrating. That’s why I kind of went back and forth between agency relationships and managing it myself.

You guys have been able to maintain that CPA at just over a $17 CPA for me, which is phenomenal. No other agency has been able to do that, to scale, my spend and maintain that CPA within the target dollar spend. You guys have also helped me expand internationally. When we first brought you on, we were just focused on the US and now we’re focusing on other areas of the world and you guys have been able to drive significant traffic that way. 

Abby Walker
CEO of Vivian Lou

The Takeaways:

Constant New Ad Creative

The main key with ecommerce ads is to constantly be producing new copy, imaging and video ad variations to stay on top of the cost per purchase.
Our team was pushing out new creative every 3 days for this account to keep it fresh and have a replacement for when something stopped converting. This allowed us to keep that cost per purchase below our threshold while also not falling behind on scaling the budget.

Utilizing Lookalike Audiences

When you have a larger budget and you’re driving a lot of traffic to specific pages or a website, constantly being strategic with the lookalike audiences you create is very effective in finding new audiences to target and therefore contributing to that overall goal of keeping the cost per purchase below our threshold.
We were consistently coming up with new audiences such as “lookalike audience of people who had initiated checkout”, “lookalike audience of people who had visited the sales page” or “lookalike of people who had engaged with our ad.”

Strategic Retargeting

A core part of The Hirsh Process is to retarget specific audiences and be strategic and creative with those audiences and the ads we show them. We created audiences to show ads to people who had abandoned their shopping cart, people who had visited the sales page but hadn't initiated check out and people who had engaged with an ad but not purchased yet.
We then showed all of these audiences specific ads (based off of the user's actions) to try and get them to purchase, this resulted in a very low cost per purchase for these specific audiences, bringing our overall average down. 


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